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Eight Rare Dimes And A Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth $22 Million Each Still In Circulation

In the world of coin collecting, enthusiasts are always on the hunt for hidden treasures. While it might sound like a fantasy, finding rare coins in everyday circulation is a reality for some lucky individuals. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of numismatics and uncover eight rare dimes and a Bicentennial Quarter, each worth a staggering $22 million, that are still out there among us.

Overdate Error

The 1942/41 Mercury Dime is a gem in the coin-collecting world due to a minting error. This rare dime was created because of a misalignment in the dies, leading to an overdate error. Only a few of these exist, making it a highly sought-after piece for collectors.


Mercury Dime

The 1916-D Mercury Dime is famous for being the first year of this iconic design. With only 264,000 minted, this dime is quite rare. Its historical significance and scarcity make it very valuable to coin collectors.

Liberty Seated

Minted at the Carson City Mint, the 1874-CC Liberty Seated Dime is a coin with a rich history. Coins from the Carson City Mint are highly prized, and this dime, with its limited production, draws the attention of collectors looking for a piece of Old West history.


Liberty Head

The 1913 Liberty Head Nickel is not a dime, but it’s an incredibly valuable coin. Only five of these are known to exist, making it a numismatic marvel. The story behind its creation and its rarity add to its allure.

Draped Bust

The 1804 Draped Bust Dime is a rare coin that combines age and scarcity. Minted during a time of transition in coin designs, this dime is a treasure for those lucky enough to find it in circulation.


Capped Bust

The 1838-O Capped Bust Dime comes from the New Orleans Mint and is known for its rarity. The limited production and historical significance of coins from this mint make this dime a prized possession for collectors and history lovers.

Mercury Charm

The 1921-D Mercury Dime is another significant date in the Mercury Dime series. With only 1,080,000 minted, this dime is rare in circulation. Its vintage appeal and historical importance make it highly desirable among collectors.


Standing Liberty

Though not a dime, the 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter (Type 1) is worth mentioning for its rarity and value. The Type 1 design, featuring a vulnerable Liberty, adds to this coin’s intrigue.

Bicentennial Quarter

While we’ve focused on dimes, the rare Bicentennial Quarter also holds incredible value. These quarters, released in 1976 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the United States, have unique designs that make them valuable to collectors.



As we go about our daily lives, these rare dimes and the Bicentennial Quarter could be hiding in our pockets and change jars. The excitement of discovering one of these valuable coins in circulation shows the lasting appeal and charm of coin collecting. So, keep your eyes open—you might just be the next person to find a rare dime or quarter worth millions. Happy hunting!


What makes the 1942/41 Mercury Dime unique?


It’s a minting error with an overdate.

Why is the 1916-D Mercury Dime valuable?


Its low mintage and historical significance.

How rare is the 1874-CC Liberty Seated Dime?


It has a limited mintage from the Carson City Mint.

How many 1913 Liberty Head Nickels exist?


Only five known specimens.

What is special about the 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter?


Its Type 1 design and rarity.



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