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Rare 2020 Dime Errors Worth Money

Curious about valuable 2020 dime errors worth collecting? Discover the unique errors found in Roosevelt dimes struck in 2020 that could significantly increase their value. From missing clad layers to die adjustment strikes, these errors add intrigue and value to your numismatic collection.

Introduction to 2020 Roosevelt Dimes

The United States Mint produced millions of Roosevelt dimes in 2020, including special 99.99% silver dimes for collectors from the San Francisco Mint. Despite their common circulation, certain dime errors can elevate their value far beyond their face worth, especially in uncirculated conditions.


Factors Influencing Dime Value

While circulated dimes typically hold nominal value, uncirculated gem-like specimens can fetch up to $25 or more due to their pristine condition. Errors such as missing clad layers or die adjustment strikes can further increase a dime’s value, making them sought after by collectors.

Rare 2020 Dime Errors Worth Collecting

Explore some of the most valuable Roosevelt dime errors from 2020 that should be on your radar:


2020 Partial Missing Clad Layer Dime Error

Description: This error features a dime with a partial missing clad layer, exposing up to 10% of the copper core. On the obverse, the nickel layer is partially stripped on the right side, while the reverse shows missing nickel around the oak leaves and bottom of the torch.

Value: Circulated examples have sold for around $105, making them a valuable addition to any dime collection.


2020 Dime With Die Adjustment Strike Error

Description: Die adjustment strikes occur when a coin is struck with lower-than-usual pressure, resulting in weak details around the rim and key inscriptions like “LIBERTY” and the year “2020.”

Value: Mint state examples of this error can fetch approximately $140 due to their distinct appearance and rarity.


2020 Roosevelt Dime Broadstruck Error

Description: Broadstruck errors happen when a coin is struck outside the collar, leading to an enlarged diameter. This 2020 dime appears enlarged on the right side, resembling an extra rim added to the original coin.

Value: A broadstruck 2020 dime sold for $68, highlighting its rarity and appeal among collectors.


2020 Dime Broken Nose Cud Error

Description: Cud errors occur when a piece of the die’s surface breaks off, leaving a raised blob on the coin’s surface. This specific error appears as a cud on Roosevelt’s nose, giving the impression of a broken nose.

Value: A circulated 2020 dime with this error sold for $35, showcasing its collectible value beyond its face worth.


2020 Dime With Struck Through Capped Die Error

Description: This rare error occurs when a coin gets stuck to a die (forming a capped die) and continues striking subsequent coins, leaving a ghost-like impression of the reverse design on subsequent strikes.

Value: An MS65 graded 2020 Roosevelt dime with this error sold for an impressive $172, significantly higher than its face value, making it a prized find for collectors.


FAQs About 2020 Dime Errors

1. How can I identify a 2020 dime with a die adjustment strike?

Look for weak details around the rim and key inscriptions like “LIBERTY” and the date “2020,” indicating lower-than-usual striking pressure.

2. Are all broadstruck 2020 dimes valuable?

Broadstruck errors vary in value based on the degree of enlargement and visual impact. More pronounced errors tend to be more valuable to collectors.


3. Where can I find 2020 dime errors for sale?

Reputable coin dealers, numismatic auctions, and specialized online platforms are good sources to find and purchase valuable dime errors.

4. What causes a cud error on a dime?

Cud errors occur when a piece of the die’s surface breaks off, leaving a raised area on the coin’s surface. They are relatively common in coin collecting due to die wear and stress.


5. Can I find valuable 2020 dime errors in circulation?

While rare, valuable dime errors can occasionally be found in circulation, especially if you carefully inspect your coins or use professional grading services.


2020 Roosevelt dime errors offer both seasoned collectors and beginners an exciting opportunity to enhance their collections with unique and valuable specimens. Understanding the types of errors and their potential value can help you identify and appreciate these rare coins, whether for investment or enjoyment in the world of numismatics.


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