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Rare 2019 Quarter Errors Worth Money

Interested in discovering rare 2019 quarter errors that are worth money? This comprehensive guide explores unique varieties and errors found in 2019 quarters that significantly increase their value. We’ll delve into their history, factors influencing their worth, and highlight some of the most valuable errors from this series.

Introduction to 2019 Quarters

The 2019 quarters are part of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program, a popular series launched by the United States Mint in 2010. This program features designs that commemorate national parks, monuments, and other notable sites across the United States. Each year, five different designs are released, each representing a different state or territory.


History and Significance

The America the Beautiful Quarters Program was initiated to celebrate America’s natural and historical heritage. The 2019 quarters continue this tradition by honoring diverse sites such as Lowell National Historical Park, American Memorial Park, War in the Pacific National Historical Park, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, and Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. These designs showcase the rich cultural and natural diversity of the United States.

Factors Influencing the Value of 2019 Quarter Errors

Several factors contribute to the value and desirability of 2019 quarter errors:

  • Type of Error: Errors can range from minor die cracks to major striking anomalies like doubled dies or off-center strikes.
  • Visibility and Clarity: The more pronounced and visible the error, the higher its potential value.
  • Rarity: Errors that are less common or unique tend to fetch higher prices among collectors.
  • Condition: The overall state of preservation (grade) of the coin impacts its collectible value.

Rare 2019 Quarter Errors Worth Exploring

Here are some of the rare 2019 quarter errors that collectors seek:

Doubled Die Obverse

Description: This error occurs when the coin is struck by a die that shifts during the striking process, resulting in elements of the design appearing doubled.


Value: Depending on the clarity and visibility of the doubling effect, these coins can be valued in the range of $100 to several thousand dollars, especially in higher grades.

Off-Center Strikes

Description: Quarters struck off-center, where the design is not properly centered on the coin’s planchet.


Value: The value varies depending on the degree of off-centering and how much of the design is missing. More extreme off-center strikes can command higher premiums.

Missing Clad Layer

Description: Some quarters may be missing one or both layers of the clad (copper-nickel alloy), revealing a copper core.


Value: These errors are highly sought after, particularly if the missing clad layer is substantial and the coin is in good condition.

Die Breaks or Cuds

Description: Cuds are raised areas on the coin caused by a crack or break in the die during the minting process.


Value: Depending on the size and prominence of the cud, these errors can fetch significant premiums due to their rarity and visual appeal.

Struck Through Errors

Description: These errors occur when foreign material (like grease or debris) gets between the die and the planchet during striking, resulting in parts of the design being obscured.


Value: The value of struck through errors depends on the size and visibility of the affected area, with more pronounced errors being more valuable to collectors.

FAQs About 2019 Quarter Errors

1. How can I identify a doubled die 2019 quarter?

Look for elements of the design that appear doubled or shadowed, typically seen on inscriptions or images on the coin.


2. Are all off-center struck 2019 quarters valuable?

Off-center strikes vary in value based on the degree of misalignment and how much of the design is affected. More extreme examples are generally more valuable.

3. Where can I sell my rare 2019 quarter errors?

Reputable coin dealers, specialized online platforms, and numismatic auctions are good venues to sell rare quarter errors.


4. What is the most common error found in 2019 quarters?

While not necessarily valuable, common errors include minor die cracks or minor misalignments during striking.

5. Can I find rare 2019 quarter errors in circulation?

It’s rare but possible. Most valuable errors are discovered by collectors who meticulously examine their coins or through professional grading services.



Rare 2019 quarter errors offer collectors a unique opportunity to own pieces of numismatic history with intrinsic value. Understanding the types of errors and what makes them valuable can help both seasoned collectors and beginners identify potential treasures within their coin collections or through coin searches. Whether for investment or enjoyment, these errors add excitement and value to any numismatic pursuit.



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